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Posted on Wed Jan 30, 2019 11:29 pm

Hey im posting this twice in here because i see this thread is more active. So i was banned by Sf_Joker for real reason at all he perm baned me for the reason, Lagger. So i play on the server all the time and im from the USA and i love to play on the server. but my ping is about 200 to the server and I've been playing the server from months so I played against all the admins and even joker multiple time so I don't understand why would be perm ban me for my ping and not perm ban aimboting or wallhacking player help. also it seems that no one can unban me for some reason RCON doesn't work 


IGN was   =|FF|= Z0RSY

banning admin: Sf_Joker

Guid: 2310 3466 1549 3109 778

Banning admin ID is: System/Rcon

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